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Workplace Consultancy

We learn how your workplace and people function to create smart working strategies that improve performance

Workplace Consultancy

Anchorpoint’s Workplace Consultants are specialists in analysing organisations to understand how the dynamics of their workplace function. With particular attention to the psychology of work and your people, we look to study your organisation to find out how to make your workplace and people perform at their very best.

We work with your people to formulate smart working strategies, which are statistically backed up and realistic to implement, that enable you to make informed decisions going forward. We believe that every business is unique and therefore the process we create to support you must likewise be tailored to your specific needs.

The Anchorpoint team can unleash the potential in your workplace with our six stage framework, applying all or a selection of each process depending on your ultimate goal and aspirations.

1. Participant Workshop

The initial workshop is to establish:

  • Project drivers, visions, and goals
  • Project team responsible for the project and making decisions
  • Understand potential changes to the business for example, new strategies, growth, mergers, outsourcing
  • Recognise potential challenges and risks
  • Consider high level cultural perspective
  • Decide on an effective communication strategy
  • Update on current trends in the workplace

This will provide the necessary information to form our processes to obtain all appropriate data.

2. Space Usage Investigation

This is where we gather our statistical data to establish:

  • Workstation utilisation
  • Office utilisation
  • Meeting room occupancy
  • Meeting room utilisation
  • Meeting room uses
  • Breakout area occupation and use
  • Staff collaboration patterns
  • Behaviours of occupants

This data will help us to build an accurate image and blueprint on how your workplace currently performs.

3. Employee Survey

With staff interest increasing this is a good time to introduce an online survey customised to suit your needs. The survey would usually include the following:

  • Age range profiling
  • Basic personality profiling
  • Identify home working trends
  • Establish meeting patterns
  • Learning what works well in your current workplace along with what could be done with improvement
  • Understand how staff rate your workplace from a safety, design and location perspective
  • Understand how staff rate workplace performance of individual and team collaboration
  • Cultural perception ratings

4. Team Interviews

In addition to the online survey we will set up meetings to talk to teams of 5-10 people, in which we discuss and validate the data we have gathered, and seek to understand the business processes and workflows in more detail. These groups will typically highlight any challenges with management or IT. Any matters will be dealt with in a non-biased way, helping to build trust with your staff. We would hold separate interviewing sessions for management and more senior employees.

5. External Assessment

In this process we take an external view of your organisation and how your staff use the workplace. Our experience helps us to understand how and why behaviours have developed to match the environment. For example, we may notice staff making phone calls in the corridors and stairwells. This would indicate that there is a lot of open space, and a lack of private areas where people can concentrate and make calls without distractions. A solution to this would be to include secluded areas using partitions and furniture pods.

6. Final Report

Having obtained all the relevant information we prepare a detailed report that explains the results of our research, including recommendations based on facts, that can be applied specifically to your workplace. The report is structured into the main processes where relevant data is outlined with a discussion around what the data is telling us along with potential solutions.

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