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Workplace adaptation and resilience in the age of COVID-19

15 May, 2020

Returning to the office

Personally and professionally we are all eager for the day when we can return to the office, but when will that be? … next week… next month…next quarter …longer?

Companies have been forced to rethink how their office space will look when we return to what we speak of as the ‘new normal’. Many companies over time have adapted to a modern way of working with open plan, hot desks and collaboration spaces. We are now however  faced with the question of how to make our workspaces safe whilst preserving the culture we have worked so hard to build and maintain.

At Anchorpoint Interiors we have put together the ‘Reintroduce your workspace’ scheme to help you adapt your office space, and are supplying products to keep you, your staff, and clients safe.

So, what does a post-covid office look like? The emphasis will be on social distancing, regular sanitisation, touchless systems, PPE, along with the continued  option to work from home.

What does a post-Covid office look like?

Social Distancing

To minimise the distance between staff, there are several solutions that can be easily achieved:

  • Protective Screens – to be fitted to each workstation.
  • Meeting rooms – room occupancy to be limited to ensure social distancing can be complied with, and the relevant display notices regarding reduced capacity outside of rooms.
  • Desk Occupation – reduce the amount of shared desking.

Regular Sanitisation

Up until now most people did not think twice about touching a door handle to enter the office, or using a shared pen to sign paperwork. It is more important now than ever to have sanitisation practices in place.

  • Cleaning – adopt a clear desk policy to allow for the aid of daily cleaning and sanitisation and also make cleaning products available to allow staff access to clean their own desk.
  • Personal Hygiene – display signage to encourage regular hand washing, with the provision of  hand sanitisation stations. Products to assist you are available on our website.
  • Technology – allow staff to be allocated their own keyboard and mouse to be kept in their personal storage area.


Personal Protective Equipment such as gloves, masks and face shields will be important to protect your staff working in the office.

  • We have created ‘Employee Welcome Packs’ so every staff member can have their own central store of sanitisation and PPE products, with the availability to customise to include stationery and IT equipment.

Remote Working

The move to remote working has left many organisations wondering whether this will become the new normal. Employees with the right resources, support and training have proved  to businesses what can be achieve from working at home.

For us at Anchorpoint interiors the current situation is just as new for us as it is for you, but we are committed to help you ‘Reintroduce your workspace’. Please reach out to us today on 0131 341 3066 or