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The impact of colour in workplace design

27 November, 2019

Colour plays a key role in interior design, especially within the work environment. Colour has an impact on perception and behaviour, influencing a psychological response in terms of mood, comfort and emotional state as well as having the potential to impact performance, productivity and creativity.

Providing the right colours in the right mediums can have positive effects in the workplace.

Working colour into your work environment

Many thriving offices have been designed to incorporate their brand colours, increasing their company image and recognition.

Incorporating branding in your office design, while important, needs to consider the staff, their work, and their needs. It is beneficial to consider a colour palette that evokes and promotes happiness, productivity and energy, while incorporate branding elements in a more subtle, textural or artistic way.

One of the key areas to consider when incorporating branding and colour is the reception or visitor spaces. It is essential to consider the messages you wish your company to convey and how your business will be perceived as people arrive as these types of spaces have the ability to create long-lasting impressions on visitors.

While not everyone will have the same sensibility to colour, there are general rules to follow in regards to studied behaviours in response to various colours and stimuli.

A few of those include;

  • Blue is frequently used in the workplace as it has been noted to have a positive impact on productivity. It is commonly used in open plan workspaces.
  • Yellow is seen as an optimistic colour and can inspire increased levels of creativity, commonly found in creative workspace. It is a great addition to collaboration areas.
  • Orange can help increase energy flow and enhance productivity.
  • Green can have a calming impact and reduce fatigue.
  • White is a go to colour for office spaces, and while it may make areas look larger, it should not dominate the entire workspace, to avoid a sterile feel.

There are many ways to inject colour into a space including within flooring choices, materials, textures, artwork, graphics and green feature walls. (Read more here: Does biophilic office design improve productivity?

We aim to work closely with our clients to understand their brand, their culture, and ultimately how they can achieve a successful, happy and productive workspace for their staff and visitors

Are you ready to inject some colour into your workplace?

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