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22 April, 2020

Reintroduce your workspace safely

Amid the volatile whirlwind we find ourselves in today due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the impact on almost every company across the UK is extreme, from working at home through to complete quarantine and isolation.

Whilst we are battling through this time focusing a day at a time, there is an element for all business owners to be considering NOW in view of moving your workforce back into the office environment. Now is the time to forensically analyse and optimise a plan for what interaction and working in the office will look like moving on from these times.

Questions we are faced with:

  • How can I repurpose and adapt my existing office layout to be a safe and compliant place to work?
  • Will I be able to bring all staff back into the workplace at one time, or will there be limitations to numbers?
  • Will staff rotation be required and if so, how will this look for the departments of our company?
  • What countermeasures do I need to take to minimise risks of infection in the workplace?
  • How will we deal with meeting rooms, boardrooms and other enclosed close quarter areas in line with social distancing recommendations?
  • Do I need to adopt the open plan desking to high sided partition desks?

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