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3 Reasons to Redesign Your Office in 2017

At nearly two months into 2017 no doubt you are successfully implementing your strategy for the year, but was office design a priority?

Office design may not have been your top priority when planning for 2017, however this plays a major part in a workplace’s ability to increase efficiencies and encourage a culture of innovation and creativity. Here are three reasons why you should invest in a redesign of your workspace this year.

Prepare For Growth

Did your company grow in 2016? Was 2016 your record year for sales? Does your company have strategic growth plans for 2017?

Business growth generally involves hiring more staff and talent, so planning for growth in your office design will allow for an increase in employees. This will mean you will be able to include extra floor space, or create desking layouts that can be adjusted to allow for additional resource. If there is no room for expansion in your current office it could be time to think about increasing your workspace, or relocating to a new office.

Greater Brand Perception

Seven seconds. That’s all you have to make a positive, lasting impression on any new customer. A well designed office can help make that impression. Similarly if a client sees you in out dated, run down offices, it won’t inspire confidence or have the same captivating effect. What do your visitors perceive from your offices? Elevate your brand and inspire your clients by redesigning your office this year with colourful designs, modern furniture, or eye catching wall graphics.

Boost Staff Morale

A well designed vibrant office environment can have a massive impact in boosting morale. There’s nothing more demotivating than tediously working at the same desk, on the same tasks eight hours a day. Simple features such as a pool table and dedicated lounge and breakout areas can encourage staff to take breaks away from their desks, which in turn gives them the opportunity to boost creativity and unclutter their minds. Include these features in your workplace this year and see a siginificant increase in productivity.