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Office Design Trends for 2019

4 April, 2019

Workplace design has never been a more essential function in successful businesses as it is today. New technologies and trends are applied in offices around the world every year, leading to new and exciting opportunities for workplace design and research. The workplace trends of 2019 will see a shift towards further office optimisation.

Here are some of the key trends that are likely to have the most immediate and significant influence on future workspaces.

Collaboration and relaxation zones

It is clear that the mood of employees has a significant impact on the results of a company, and if we design offices that motivate and stimulate workers, the result will always be positive. A philosophy that is already established in some areas around the world is the use of more versatile space that allows collaboration and communication, stimulating a process of creativity and production. The workplace is no longer content with fixed spaces in which to perform monotonous daily tasks but looks to models of more efficient and creative companies, with space designed to give the flexibility of varied tasks.

Large tech companies, such as Microsoft and Google, have opened the way to give importance to leisure and relaxation spaces in the workplace, allowing staff to take a break in their workday and resume with more energy. A dynamic environment where there is space for relaxation and communication between employees, is a good way to disconnect from what we are doing and return renewed. This includes areas with relaxing chairs or breakout booths. These areas also encourage employees to work in a variety of different environments and therefore improve overall performance.

The office world adapts more and more to current needs of employees and visitors, and the promotion of motivation and creativity must be a key objective that should be reflected in the office environments we create.

The importance of color

A good use of colour in the workplace is an increasingly popular trend as helps to create a positive, vibrant atmosphere for employees. The days of the dark, rigorous and serious offices have moved on to the new concept of greater work happiness, helping individuals to be more creative and productive. Colour can be used in a bold way on walls or carpets, or in a more discrete way through the use of furniture and wall graphics.

Creating a productive and energetic environment isn’t the only benefit colour brings to the workplace, many successful company’s offices have been designed to incorporate their brand colours, increasing their company image, and client’s perception of the company.


Transparency in the workplace has become an important trend as it helps to improves company image, and allows us to take better advantage of natural light and create open spaces that are not interrupted by walls.

There are many types of glass screens that can be used to segregate areas of the office, providing private offices and meeting rooms while making the area more open and transparent.

In 2019 more managerial offices will be designed so they can be seen by everyone meaning no one is isolated or separated. The sense of openness in the company helps to improve employee wellbeing and happiness.

Modern and bright offices

Lighting always plays a fundamental role in the office, and while it is vital to provide adequate light to be able to perform tasks efficiently, it can become a key factor in creating vibrant atmospheres depending on the company needs and the image they want to convey.

Natural light should be maximised where possible – avoid covering windows and use glass partitions to allow light to pass through.

When it comes to artificial lighting, it is advisable to have clear light integrated perfectly with the surroundings and the combination of more functional lighting with the decorative lighting that relates to the design and character of the space.

The force of nature in the workplace

The connection with nature within the workspace helps employees to relax, take a breath and make them feel better in the environment. Exterior spaces or natural elements inside such as small patios, vertical gardens or vegetation are increasingly popular in offices. These spaces allow us to organise more informal meetings, find inspiration or relax before working on a task that requires concentration. Offices with a small external connection are always more pleasant and allow people to be more creative. The environment also contributes to creating healthier offices that help to reduce stress, with a more sustainable and respectful view of the environment.

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