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How office design can attract and retain the best staff

13 June, 2019

Some of the most successful organisations around the world exhibit the most stylish office environments. Take Google and Microsoft for example. Not only are they financially capable of investing in state-of-the-art workplace designs, they also understand that in order to attract the best talent they need more creativity and innovation to capture and preserve their attention, and a great office design is one way to do this.

Michael Paterson, Projects Director at Anchorpoint Interiors, says a well designed workplace is one of the most important factors in attracting  top talent.

“What we continue to see especially within creative and tech organisations, is that experienced and talented employees expect to work in a motivating and inspiring environment, that enables them to perform at their very best.”


First impressions count

Your office is a significant first impression of your organisation that could be an influencing factor when interviewing new staff. Your environment needs to convey an impression of a good wellbeing culture, somewhere they will want to work 40 to 50 hours a week. Interviewing for new staff in a dull office environment with dated furniture and carpets, with leaks in the ceiling will immediately put them off irrespective of your offering.

What is good office design?

So how can your office design help attract and keep the best talent? What does good office design look like? Unfortunately it’s not just about including table football and slides and other wacky features in the workplace, although this can play its part. The important consideration is your people. What do they want? What motivates them? What environment are they most productive in?

Understanding how your employees work is the key starting point, then build your environment based on their needs rather than perceived ideas of what an office should include or look like.

There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ option when it comes to office design as each company and their people are unique, and the perfect workplace will vary between different organisations and teams. Anchorpoint’s Workplace Consultants are specialists in analysing organisations to understand how the dynamics of their workplace function, working with staff to formulate smart working strategies. It is important to look at all factors that affect working conditions such as natural light and noise levels

A workplace design should reflect the organisations values and culture, giving potential employees an idea of the kind of environment it is to work in. For example, a company with a variety of working environments such as open plan areas, focus pods, breakout areas including sofas and bean bags, would reflect a culture of creativity, collaboration and flexible working.

Top talent deserves a great office environment

Investing in your workplace is important as the cost of losing a key member of staff or failing to attract top talent can be significant. Take a fresh assessment of your offices – what impression does it demonstrate? Are they inspiring?

We have summarised 5 factors your organisation should focus on to make your environment attract and retain the best staff:

  • Variety of spaces – give employees a choice of environments to work in so they can perform at their best
  • Company culture – staff will be attracted to a professional culture that cares for staff wellbeing and displays values of honesty and integrity
  • Remove clutter – clutter reduces productivity and in the digital age there’s really no need for it – have a system for dealing with clutter and make sure a good network filing system is in place
  • Add colour – colour is inspiring and motivating and can play a huge part in how effective your office design is
  • Break areas – studies have shown that employees are more productive if they’re able to have regular breaks to clear their mind and re-focus

In a world where organisations are competing for the best talent, business owners should be doing all they can to attract and retain the best individuals. By creating environments where people love to work, your office can help to attract and retain the top talent from your industry.

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