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The Modern Workplace Research report

19 August, 2019

The workplace is constantly evolving and undoubtedly technology has become a strong focus. The wave of millennial workers are expecting flexibility from their employers, more engagement in the workplace and a greater sense of purpose in their work.

The 2019/2020 Modern Workplace Research report by Condeco, examines the trends driving change in flexible working and the use of office space, in particular meeting rooms, and whether businesses are prepared for them.

Smart utilisation of a workspace is important and while flexible workspaces are known to improve employee collaboration and productivity, which developments should organisations prioritise in the coming years? The most popular response was ‘new technology to use space effectively’, for example tracking workspace occupation and usage, followed closely by ‘new technology to drive productivity’.

As a flexible work culture is becoming more prominent and companies look to reinvigorate their workspace to offer more flexibility and increased level of remote working, new technology is essential to help employees use space more efficiently and be more productive while keeping the costs associated at a reasonable level.

This said, the successful workspace of the future will be one which meets the needs of the people who use it, integrating their preferred technology and creating a place they want to be part of.

You can read the full report here

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