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5 Ways to Increase Productivity in the Workplace

11 July, 2017

Research is constantly telling us that an individual’s performance is far better when they feel their work is valued. Companies that think they can coast along with staff coming to work just to get their pay will find their productivity will rapidly decline.

To ensure companies continually grow and move to the next level, they need to keep productivity high and help employees achieve more through motivation.

Being productive isn’t just down to the employee, the company is also responsible for creating a supporting culture and environment. As Richard Branson once said, “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to”.

We have investigated ways in which we can increase productivity by motivating staff, making sure they enjoy what they do so that ultimately our clients get a first class experience. Here are five ways you can increase productivity in your workplace:

1.  Allow staff to work in a variety of environments

Sitting in front of a screen all day can have significant health risks, and individuals that are unwell and exhausted are generally not productive. There are many ways you can bring in a variety of working environments for staff such as allowing them to work remotely occasionally, by including standing desks, hot desking areas or breakout pods, or you could even include a gym or fitness area within your premises.

2.  Include specific meeting areas for different tasks

An open plan office area is definitely a current trend in the workplace, allowing staff to communicate and collaborate easier. However there are always tasks that need a clear focus, and it is therefore appropriate to have secluded areas where individual employees or teams can concentrate in a quiet environment. There are a wide variety of office pods and partition systems available that are perfect for this purpose.

3.  Maintain a clean and organised office

It is very hard for staff to be productive in a cluttered or dirty office environment. If the area they work in is too small, untidy and disorganised, it will make it difficult for them to do their job, and may even make them reluctant to actually go to work. There are a variety of ways to ensure your office is clean and organised, such as making sure the office decor, carpets and furniture is modern, inspiring and vibrant. There are also some excellent storage furniture options available that can help to keep the workspace clear and uncluttered.

4.  Employee recognition

Recognition from managers in the form of a few honest words of praise means a lot to employees. In fact it can often mean more than financial rewards. Small perks such as a gift or day of work can also go a long way. Although staff criticism may be required when something goes wrong, always use an opportunity to reward them when they do a good job. A lack of recognition is likely to make employees feel undervalued, which may prompt them to find a new job where their work is valued and appreciated.

5.  Less micromanagement

Although it’s important to give employees leadership and direction, micromanaging every task and area of their job generally reduces productivity. Having been briefed by their manager, employees should be given the opportunity to manage the tasks themselves as they may have a more effective method of completing a task that achieves the same goal. Allowing staff to work with their own approach encourages them to use their initiative to bring benefits to the company.

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