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How to Improve Your Workplace Culture

18 January, 2018

What is workplace culture?

A workplace culture is defined by the company’s values and beliefs. It is the environment that facilitates the daily experiences within the organisation, and defines the attitude and performance of staff at work each day.

Different characteristics of how you run your business can influence the success of your culture, such as business goals and values, management styles, the physical environment, employee personalities, and the company dress code. Although this includes visible components in the way that a business looks and how employees dress, your culture is mainly unseen and cannot be put it on paper.

Why should your workplace have a good culture?

Before we explain how you can improve your culture, we have highlighted some reasons why it’s important to define your company culture and continue to refine it:

  • Increases company performance and efficiency – all staff will be aligned to the company’s core values, so that everyone knows what to do, how to do it and why they’re doing it.
  • Encourages team work – with employees aligned to the company values, it will be easier for everyone to work together to achieve their goals, they will know where they stand within their teams, and feel valued.
  • Attracts talent – a candidate applying for a job is likely to assess your company and it’s environment. A strong culture that is clearly defined and well communicated within the company will attract the right talent.
  • Drives engagement and retention – a good workplace culture will increase employee engagement and retention.

How to improve your company’s culture

  • Good communication – it is important to effectively share your company’s mission, vision and values so that employees can share the same goal, making them feel more valued and part for the team.
  • Listen to your staff – provide an environment where they can voice their ideas and their opinions are heard.
  • Leadership – workplace culture needs constant refinement by management. Managers should show that they believe in the company’s vision and values, leading by example.
  • Collaboration – encouraging staff collaboration strengthens the idea that you are a team. It is a good idea to introduce a forum where staff can support each other by discussing challenges and how to overcome them.
  • Physical environment – a well designed office area supports a good culture. Ensure your environment is bright and spacious, with a variety of furniture options including breakout areas, meeting and staff collaboration space, and quiet zones.
  • Transparency – being open with staff is an essential way of building trust, and improving your workplace culture. Keeping employees aware of developments and changes at management level is a guaranteed way of inspiring the team.
  • Feedback – giving regular feedback to staff helps them to align their performance with the workplace culture. Monthly one-to-one meetings with employees to review performance is a good opportunity to compliment conduct that’s in accord with the company values, and work on developing other areas.
  • Rewards – reward individuals for behaviors and acts that are a good representation of your culture. Showing appreciation in this way will help reduce staff turnover.

Is your culture ready for a boost?

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