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How to Improve Staff Wellbeing in your Workplace

19 April, 2018

What is staff wellbeing?

Organisations are increasing their focusing on staff wellbeing as an important factor to maintain a high level of employee motivation and happiness in the workplace. Incorporating wellbeing into your office design can help to form a productive and healthy team. Workplace wellbeing is summarised into two main categories:

  • Psychological wellbeing – this includes office features such as flexible working areas, private office space, and breakout areas
  • Bodily wellbeing – this covers physical factors that have an effect on the body, including office temperature and natural daylight

Why is it important in the workplace?

It is important to think about staff wellbeing in your office environment as it can help increase profitability. As staff morale and satisfaction increases, they will become more productive and therefore reduce costs. It will also help to improve staff retention and reduce absenteeism. Wellbeing can also help to reduce work-related stress by promoting healthy eating and regular exercise.

Including employee wellbeing into your office design doesn’t need to cost much, you can deliver successful results with minimal spend.

6 Ways to Improve Your Workplace Wellbeing

Make sure your office design and layout accommodates your employees root functional needs, making the environment as adaptable as possible. We have summarised five ways you can improve your workplace wellbeing to ensure your staff are in an environment that causes them to become a high performing team.

Health and Fitness

Promoting health and fitness at work is a proven way of increasing staff wellbeing. An idea would be to provide an onsite gym facility or set up a deal with a local gym to allow employees to unwind at the end of the day, or encourage healthy eating by providing fruit baskets and healthy snack vending machines.

Office Temperature

Include a climate control system in the building where you an adjust the temperature so that staff can work in a comfortable environment.

Collaboration and Focus Areas

Encourage creativity by including some open collaboration zones with seating and tables that allow teams to get together for informal meetings, along with some quiet space where staff can focus on a task without being distracted.

Office Plants

Statistics have shown that ‘bringing the outdoors in can help increase focus and wellbeing in the workplace. This includes small plants, living wall features and indoor trees for larger spaces.

Outside Areas

Giving staff the option to work outside gives them another environment to work in, and allows them to access the much needed fresh air, giving them more energy and a sharper mind.


Having up to date and seamless technology always helps to make tasks easier and quicker, including simple things like making sure you have sufficient WiFi coverage can make a big difference.

Are you ready to incorporate staff wellbeing into your workplace?

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