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5 Common Office Fit-out Mistakes to Avoid

18 October, 2018


A cleverly designed office will build an environment that attracts both staff talent and visiting clients, whilst a badly designed office will have a negative effect on staff health and wellbeing, and can do damage to your brand and business performance.

Here are five common mistakes to avoid when designing a new office or refurbishing an existing one.

Forgetting Your Employees

As employees spend the majority of their waking hours in the offices, it is essential to keep them involved when designing your workplace. Find out what motivates them and what areas they are most productive in.

Providing a variety of environments for employees to work in will boost motivation in the workplace. Private space for example will give employees an area in which they can concentrate and focus on particular tasks, while collaborative areas encourage staff connection, innovation and creativity. A mix of different environments will enable staff to perform at their best.

Failure to Plan

Planning is the first and most critical step in undertaking an efficient and well designed office fit-out, otherwise you will risk spending more time and money on unexpected issues. Make sure you know exactly what your goals and objectives are before you begin a project, and remember to set a realistic budget.

Leaving Nature Out

Scientific research shows that an artificially lit and poorly ventilated environment has an adverse effect on your people’s mood’s, motivation levels and health, and can impact employee productivity and overall performance. Ensure your office design brings nature into the office by utilising windows and skylights as effectively as possible, allowing enough natural light and fresh air to flood in.

The DIY Option

Many organisations are tempted into completing an office fit-out themselves, thinking it is a simple DIY job that will save them money. However, in reality it is likely to cost more time and money, and by investing in a professional workplace design and project management service will save you more money long term. Using a complete design and build package allows you to get on with your day job, and will ensure every aspect of the workplace is covered, reducing the risk of any unexpected issues or costs further down the line.

Overlooking the Reception

The reception area is an important space in any business that is often overlooked. This is the first area visitors will see when they walk in the door, and therefore needs to give them a good impression of your brand, and should be welcoming, comfortable and professional, leaving a positive, lasting impression on customers and suppliers alike.

Starting out on an office fit-out journey can be an enjoyable experience, and your workplace design and build requirements can be cost effective and time efficient by avoiding the above mistakes, and placing you trust in an interior design and build professional.

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